“TWIN PEAKS” & “FIRE WALK WITH ME” hitting Blu in Complete Set?


David Lynch followed the conclusion of his and Mark Frost’s enrapturing, sometimes frightening, sometimes goofy influential television series TWIN PEAKS with astounding, tragic masterpiece TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME. Will all of it hit Blu-ray together next year? Production seems underway.

The saga of Laura Palmer, her death and the townspeople affected and disaffected by it is one that lives on in great capacity. There is a very loyal fanbase that in recent years received a definitive release of the complete series. Perhaps smaller, but no less die hard are fans of TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, who only have the option of a Region 2 Blu for the best presentation. That Blu is still missing the wealth of deleted material however (causing much in the way of garmonbozia), and other special features.

While there’s no confirmation such will be included, The Digital Bits has brought news CBS is currently toiling away at the aforementioned set, writing, “Speaking of which, work on Twin Peaks: The Complete Series on Blu-ray is also well under way at CBS, with a release expected in time for the end of the year or early next.  Multiple sources tell us that a deal has been made to allow the inclusion of David Lynch’s Fire Walk with Me film in the package, so fan will at long last be treated to a truly complete set.”

Much more to come! For a full rundown of the deleted material in FIRE WALK WITH ME, see the four-part series at David Lynch and TWIN PEAKS resource, DugPa.

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