Tyler Labine: More “TUCKER & DALE” on the way?


One of Fango’s favorite horror/comedies of recent years is TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, in which a couple of likable backwoods hillbillies are mistaken for serial killers by college kids who blunder into their own bloody deaths. It’s one film we’d welcome a sequel to, and we chatted with one of the stars about that progress.

According to Tyler Labine, who plays Dale to Alan Tudyk’s Tucker, a follow-up film is definitely in the works. “What I can say on the record is this: [Director/co-writer] Eli Craig, Alan and I have been talking quite a bit,” Labine tells Fango. “Our producers from the [first] movie have been lining things up, as far as trying to secure a budget, and we’re trying to make sure we don’t put together a piece-of-shit sequel by rushing into it, but also trying to do it in a timely fashion, because we know now would be a good time to get things rolling. That being said, nothing is greenlighted yet.”

TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL had a lot of fun taking off on the conventions of the horror genre, and that approach will carry over into the next adventure. “The throughline of the first movie was the concept of miscommunication and misunderstanding,” Labine says. “We want to take that idea and use it as the common ground for this movie again, but make the tropes and the jokes totally new so it’s not the same gags as the first movie, because I wouldn’t want to watch that. We’re going to make sure we don’t do that, and not just capitalize off whatever worked in the original, which is a common pitfall that a lot of sequels fall into.” And since it’s been several years since TUCKER & DALE was made, there have been plenty of new films and trends to satirize in the interim. “All of them are fair game. Anything we can successfully lampoon, TUCKER & DALE-style, will be under the gun,” Labine promises. Keep your eyes here for any updates as we get ’em!

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