UK filmmakers hit the “PANIC BUTTON”

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British writer/director Frazer Lee, creator of the Doug Bradley-starring short films RED LINE and ON EDGE, has now ventured into feature territory with his script for the currently lensing PANIC BUTTON. The first stills were released today, and you can see them below the jump.

Directed by Chris Crow, who also helmed the upcoming survival shocker DEVIL’S BRIDGE, PANIC BUTTON stars Scarlett Alice Johnson, Michael Jibson, Jack Gordon, Elen Rhys and Joshua Richards. The story follows four young people who win a free trip to New York City from a social networking site—a vacation that requires them to take part in a new on-line game while flying to the Big Apple. Once they’re in the air, however, they are forced to play deadly games by an unseen captor, with no way to escape.

If you’d like to join the leads on screen in PANIC BUTTON, you have a chance thanks to a video contest the filmmakers are holding. A sequence in the film will demonstrate how people of all ages and ethnicities connect and communicate on-line, and you’re invited to submit webcam videos of yourself at your home, office, wherever. Written consent is required; for more details, plus video and other images, click over to PANIC BUTTON’s official website. You can also find out about the movie at Facebook here.

Other members of the PANIC BUTTON crew include producer John Shackleton and co-producer David Shillitoe (who also came up with the story), cinematographer Simon Poulter and editor Mark Talbot-Butler. Meanwhile, the new Lee-scripted short chiller SIMONE (directed by Jason “Joops” Fragale, about a young woman who wakes up after a night of partying and discovers the frightening truth about what happened), is currently available on unrated DVD with 85 minutes of extras here.

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