UK zombie comedy “STALLED” gets U.S. release—and a familiar (exclusive) poster


Actually, the filmmakers describe STALLED as a “commodey,” as its hero becomes stranded in a restroom when an undead outbreak takes place. We’ve got word of this British production’s U.S. release, plus an exclusive look at a new poster reminiscent of a certain other new zombie film.

STALLED is the creation of director Christian James and writer/star Dan Palmer, who previously collaborated on the slasher spoof FREAK OUT (released Stateside by Anchor Bay in 2006). Palmer stars this time as W.C., a soon-to-be-fired maintenance man who stuck on the job even on Christmas Eve during a wild office party. He just happens to be in the ladies’ bathroom when zombies begin attacking, and is thus, as the Facebook page puts it, “in the perfect place to be scared shitless.” Fortunately, Evie (Tamaryn Payne), the hottest girl in the building, turns out to be trapped in another stall, and the two strike up an unlikely friendship as they try to survive. Uncork’d Entertainment and Odin’s Eye Entertainment release STALLED theatrically in October, and then on Blu-ray and other video formats in November.

“My aim was to create a crowd-pleasing movie that had a sneaky something to say about social elitism and the problems that evolve from judging people on a purely aesthetic level,” says James, pictured below at right with Palmer and some “friends.” “I could harp on about how in the age of the ‘profile picture,’ we’re all programmed to judge each other on a purely blah, blah, blah, etc., etc. But I think the film successfully says that without ramming it down your throat. Having worked for years directing on-line ads and viral films for various corporate clients, I’m stoked that I have come out of this experience with a movie I’m very, very proud of. I just can’t wait to sit with a crowd and hear them react—and steal their wallets.” You can see STALLED’s very red and wet trailer below the poster and pic.



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