Update: FANGORIA #345 printing soon, #346 being readied for next month


The issues that have delayed FANGORIA #345 are finally being resolved, and as we work to get the mag to our extremely patient readers, we’re also busy getting the next edition ready for next month.

Fango #345 is about to print and will ship to subscribers shortly; our apologies go out to all our fans, along with our thanks for bearing with the problems we’ve been facing. Following hard on its horrific heels will be #346, scheduled to be out before the end of April. This issue will showcase a series of interviews with actors we call “The Bad-Asses of Horror,” who have brought true force and intensity to their portrayals of heroes and villains. They include: Patrick Stewart, the malevolent dark heart of the new shocker GREEN ROOM; Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless, the opposing forces of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD; Tom Atkins, cult star of HALLOWEEN III, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, THE FOG and many others; Henry Rollins, the punk god who made his horror-starring debut in HE NEVER DIED; and veteran Canadian thesp Michael Ironside.

We’ll also have director Karyn Kusama on her terrifying, critically acclaimed THE INVITATION; Ben Wheatley exploring the many levels of his J.G. Ballard adaptation HIGH-RISE; veteran filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich looking back at his Boris Karloff-starring classic debut feature TARGETS; heavy metal legend King Diamond on the unknown forces that have shaped his music; a look back at the splattery cult favorite NIGHT OF THE DEMONS; and much more.

So hang in there, and the horror will be in your hands soon!

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