Vampires just got cooler with Ice-T in the mix; Ice-T talks up his new vampire flick “BLOODRUNNERS”!


The first words out of his mouth were, “FANGORIA’S O.G., I’ve been reading that s*** my whole life!” And that’s how a conversation with famed rapper, rocker, actor, and all-around badass, Ice-T begins. Out to promote his latest cinematic endeavor BLOODRUNNERS (directed by Dan Lantz), a vampire flick set in the prohibition days of the 1930s, Ice-T was more than excited to let the Fango readers in on this indie feature.


FANGORIA: So, what’s the movie about?

ICE-T: It’s about vampires who basically use a speakeasy as their cover and it looks like they’re bootleggers, but but they’re really a bunch of vampires movin’ blood around; it’s crazy. It’s got a little sense of humor in it and it’s a good horror movie and they pulled it off. I was pretty impressed. I think some horror movies set out to take themselves seriously when they’re supposed to scare you. This one is more an observation of vampire’s behavior. It’s kinda cool.


FANGORIA: How did you get the gig?

ICE-T: So let me give you a breakdown. Mike Harvey, who does the special effects in the film, is the same guy that does my makeup everyday on SVU. So one day he comes to me and says, Ice, you want to do a vampire flick? I’m like, yeah. And he says well the vampire’s a gangster in the 30s, back in the day. I was like, that sounds cool; I just played a cop for 18 years, I’m like f*** it. I’m ready to play a vampire let’s go. Then he tells me they got no money, so that’s usually where the conversation ends but because he’s my friend I said f*** it. You know people do indie movies because they’re broke and they need the money. But sometimes people do it because they just want to have f****** fun and I was like, I got a job, f*** it, let’s go. I don’t need the money.

FANGORIA: How was it shooting a low-budget, indie film like BLOODRUNNERS?

ICE-T: They took me to Philadelphia to shoot it and they had this strip mall with an empty Supermarket or some s*** and they turned that into a soundstage. They shot it and they had me down there for a couple of days and even came to my house one night with a green screen and shot the end of this s*** in my garage. But these guys have passion and they really wanted to make this movie and when you see it, knowing that they had no money, you’re going to be really impressed because they did a good job. They did some stuff I didn’t expect them to be able to pull off with the CGI s***. So I’m proud of it. I was in the movie and I was like don’t put me in no s***, like come on; [laughing] I threatened them. But honestly, I’m proud of this film and it’ll fit in your collection of horror movies.


FANGORIA: How long did it take to shoot your scenes?

ICE-T: I shot my part of the movie basically two days, two full days of shooting. They blocked it out and they had the script set up so that I could do all my parts. And, its not one of those movies where it has my picture on the box, and then I’m not in the movie; I’m in the movie.


FANGORIA: How’s the gore level?

ICE-T: As far as gore, not a lot of practical blood. I think I only have one scene where I cut this guy’s finger off, but they didn’t get heavy into the blood. Now, here’s the six degrees separation; I have a new album out called BLOODLUST and the same guy, Mike Harvey, did the special effects [in the video] on one of my songs where I play a serial killer, it’s called HERE I GO AGAIN. And we did gore! We got blood pumpin’ out of wrists, blood pumpin’ out of eyes. We got cut jugular veins.


FANGORIA: Was it easy going from playing a cop on SVU to a 1930’s blood-smuggling, saxophone-playing vamp?

ICE-T: Everybody knows how vampires act. Its like, would you need any help playing a zombie now? If you ask a three year old kid to play a zombie they know to drag their foot. Zombies and vampires are pretty much a part of the fabric of our culture, we know how they act. So vampires are very cool, they can’t die so they don’t give a f***. They’re very calm, you point a gun at them and they laugh then they f*** you up. Once you can’t die, you just say mother f***it and you just don’t care.


FANGORIA: What was the vibe like on the set?

ICE-T: It was a really good environment. We had a lot of young actors who are there and just happy to be in a movie. I was like the big actor on the set and everybody was just being so nice to me, because they knew whatever little juice I had gave the movie a little bump to help it go. I’m down with that. I’m the kind of person that’s like yo’, I made a lot of indie movies when I was trying to start and to get to where I’m at. So it was just a good environment and they put a lot into this to pull this kind of film off; it doesn’t look like they had no budge. And when I say they had no budget, I mean they had some money, they just didn’t give it to me. [He laughs].


FANGORIA: Are you a horror fan?

ICE-T: I’m a fan of George Romero, Clive Barker; I love all that s***. I’m a HELLRAISER fan, I love all of them. I really like what Rob Zombie has done, coming from music and going over to horror movies, he’s cut for it.  I’m into the hard shit. I’m into the Japanese, like snuff movies, like grotesque and and heavy s***, like violent and wild s***. I like weird movies like IRREVERSIBLE and THE AUDITION, but I watch that kind of wild s***.


FANGORIA: So what’s next for you, as far as your future in the world of horror?

ICE-T: It’s my vision, down the road to direct some type of disturbing film. I want to do features but but I want to do some real weird s***. I don’t think I want to do a comedy; I would rather shoot some bizarre cultish film. But as my first film it’ll be some weird bizarre Ice-T s*** and I’ll do the music. I just gotta find the time; I mean I’ve been doing a television show for the past 18 years and that’ll end eventually. And, George Romero’s still alive, so maybe in my older age I’ll do horror movies ‘till I die.


For more information on BLOODRUNNERS, check out the films website HERE! And, be sure to download the movie on iTunes or Google Play.

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