“V/H/S” director stages an “INTRUSION”

by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-07 18:45:39

David Bruckner, who previously shined co-directing THE SIGNAL and one of the best segments of V/H/S, to tell a tale of a woman pursued.

INTRUSION, from a script by L.D. Goffigan, sees “a young woman’s life begin to unravel shortly after moving to San Francisco, when she realizes she’s being pursued by a disturbed stalker. As the assaults and creepy incidents escalate she realizes that she has become the target of something far more sinister and horrifying.”

It’ll be exciting to see what Bruckner will do here. Hopefully, he puts San Francisco, a popular destination in cinema history (BULLITT and VERTIGO, of course), to good use. 


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