VHS lives with “VIDEO VIOLENCE” deluxe set, “THE SUPER,” “LOONY,” etc.


The ’80s videocassette of choice is continuing to experience a major revival, with more and more releases tapping that nostalgia. Four indie horrors from both VHS’s heyday and more recent vintage are among the latest to hit that format.

The most elaborate release is the VIDEO VIOLENCE Diehard Videovore Edition, set to come out September 20 from Camp Motion Pictures to mark the 25th anniversary of Gary Cohen’s shot-on-video cult flick. Conceived by Lunchmeat magazine’s Josh Schafer and initiated by Camp owner Michael Raso, this sizable package contains red VHS cassettes of both VIDEO VIOLENCE and VIDEO VIOLENCE 2, plus a DVD of VIDEO VIOLENCE REDUX DELUXE, a 90-minute re-edit of the two features by Cohen, who appears in a new interview on the disc. Also included are a miniposter, an “I’m a Lifer” T-shirt and a Video Studio membership card and button. Retail price is $59.99, but it can be pre-ordered on-line for $44.99; there’ll be a VIDEO VIOLENCE event on the 20th at 7 p.m. at New York City’s Forbidden Planet (832 Broadway), with Cohen, Schafer and others in attendance, trivia, giveaways and more.


Also coming on cassette from Camp is WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, out next Tuesday, August 27. Allegedly broadcast live on October 31, 1987 and recently unearthed for VHS release (limited to 300 copies, exclusively available on-line), the 82-minute program follows newsman Frank Stewart, a Catholic priest and husband-and-wife paranormal researchers into the haunted Webber House, where horrible murders once occurred. Retail price for this one is $19.99.


Meanwhile, Brian Weaver and Evan Makrogiannis’ THE SUPER (pictured at top), a homage to the explicit horror fare of the ’80s, has now become available on a limited-edition VHS edition from producer Alex Lugones’ Noose Hill Entertainment. Starring Demetri Kallas in the perverted title role, preying on the tenants of his apartment house, THE SUPER is accompanied by a preview for the unreleased ’80s horror film WRITTEN IN BLOOD and a limited art card, and can be ordered for $35 (U.S.) and $45 (outside U.S.) here. There’s also a combo package of the VHS and the movie’s “Red Scare Edition” DVD available for $45/$55.

Finally, Troma recently issued Leo Leigh’s 2007 slasher flick/video-nasty homage LOONY IN THE WOODS as its first VHS-only release. The movie, which pits campers against a nutcase in the deep woods, can be ordered for $29.95 exclusively at Troma’s official website.


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