VHS on DVD: “REWIND THIS!” art and details revealed


A documentary on the VHS revolution, the many bizarre films it showcased and the filmmakers and fans who continue to carry its torch is arriving on disc next month; read on for the full info and cover art.

REWINDTHISDVDNEWSMPI Home Video releases Josh Johnson’s REWIND THIS! on disc January 14. A favorite at festivals and special screenings over the past year, REWIND THIS! looks back at the birth of home videotape, the VHS-vs.-Beta format war, the former’s domination of the marketplace and subsequent fall and the collectors who have hoarded it and revere those classic tapes, as well as enthusiasts from the moviemaking world such as Frank Henenlotter, J.R. Bookwalter, Lloyd Kaufman and V/H/S/2’s Jason Eisener. The DVD’s anamorphic widescreen transfer will be accompanied by:

• Audio commentary

• Over an hour of bonus interviews covering laserdiscs, the remix culture, video panic and more

• Original animations

• Music video

And more. Retail price is $24.98. See our REWIND THIS! review here.

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