VHS slashers “HEAD” and “AX” get new life on disc


Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, independent writer/director Tommy Faircloth won some notice with his satirical slasher flicks CRINOLINE HEAD and GENERATION AX. Now he’s prepared to spring them on a potential new generation of fans via disc release.

First released on VHS in 1997, CRINOLINE HEAD is set at an archetypal cabin by a lake where vacationing college students are stalked and slain by a recent mental-hospital escapee. In GENERATION AX, the popular couple in high school will do anything to stay on top, including murder those who threaten their status. Faircloth will be issuing both on new DVDs in the next couple of months, with making-of material, outtakes and more. “After the horrible distribution deal I had with CRINOLINE HEAD,” he tells Fango, I decided to keep the rights to GENERATION AX, and sold off the foreign territories. I began writing my next script, FAMILY POSSESSIONS, and worked on some friends’ horror films and other projects. I was literally exhausted from the requirements of finding good distribution for my films, so I took a hiatus and didn’t work on FAMILY POSSESSIONS—or any horror, for that matter—for a few years.”

After creating a number of documentaries about rollercoasters around the world (some for Discovery and TLC), Faircloth began receiving calls about the rights to CRINOLINE HEAD and GENERATION AX early this year. “There’s a new interest in VHS again, especially on the collector’s market, and old copies of my movies were going for $60 or $70 on eBay. People were wanting to rerelease them on VHS, and I was like, ‘Really?’ After talking with some filmmaker friends, I decided it was time to get back into the horror scene again. Things have changed so much now; back when I did those movies, they were shot on actual film, and the process was madness compared to what you can do now with new cameras and digital editing. The whole social-media scene was not available when my films came out, and there is so much more you can do now to promote and get your work out to an audience.


“So I dusted off my old masters of CRINOLINE HEAD and GENERATION AX, and decided it was time to get them on DVD,” he continues. “I got CRINOLINE HEAD remastered with new titles, audio mix and effects and some color correction. I also got out some old behind-the-scenes footage that was only shown at the original premiere and am including that on the disc as well. A Facebook page was created, and I edited a trailer to drum up some interest. Up next is GENERATION AX; I’m in the process of creating a Facebook page for that as well, along with remastering the movie for its DVD release, working on the trailer and finishing up the cover art.”

Both DVDs can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com and will also be available at the website of Faircloth’s Horse Creek Productions. The writer/director has some new productions planned as well; stop back tomorrow for the details on those.

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