Video: “HEMLOCK GROVE” gives us a werewolf transformation to be excited about

Produced and shepherded by Eli Roth (who also directed the pilot), HEMLOCK GROVE sees a small Pennsylvania steel town thrown into disarray from a murder whose culprit seems less than human. As the trailers have noted, this all comes with a somewhat warped sensibility that sees soapy trysts, class warfare and werewolves along the way. The latter is the focus here today, as WonderCon (and now you) got an exclusive look at the upcoming series’ painful, skin-peeling transformation.

While the digital work is slightly distracting, this transformation to classic creature is seriously something. A grotesque, arduous feat for gypsy kid Peter Rumancek, the eye gouging, flesh ripping, teeth dropping and AMERICAN WEREWOLF-like face protruding is kind of stunning. There’s also a great little tag. 

All 13 episodes of HEMLOCK GROVE premiere April 19 on Netflix.

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