Video: The remedial effects of Kaiju organs are plenty, as explained by Ron Perlman

As the promotional and supplemental material of PACIFIC RIM is unleashed, the human goings-on outside of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps are revealing themselves to be a lot of fun, and just a little bit weird. Take for instance, Ron Perlman’s Kaiju-organ dealer, Hannibal Chau (once again, these names). Just why is he dealing in Kaiju organs? Their many healing factors, of course, and you will very much like to see the goggled, snazzy dresser run down the many illnesses you can get reprieve from in this new infomercial. 

What’s great about this, aside from being wildly amusing, is exploring the details of this world del Toro and writer Travis Beacham have built. There are always opportunists in crisis, tragedy and disaster, and Perlman is inhabiting one fantastically.

PACIFIC RIM is, of course, the new mega film from Guillermo del Toro about a future where Kaiju have risen from the sea and the massive mechs we’ve constructed to battle them. Clifton Collins Jr, Charlie Day, Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi join Perlman in what sure looks like something.

For more on the film, find the trailers for PACIFIC RIM: MAN, MACHINES AND MONSTERS, a now available hardcover book which delves into the design of PACIFIC RIM’s world and inhabitants, below.

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