Vincenzo Natali and Tom Holland offer perks for “CLAPBOARD” documentary supporters


We first told you here about CLAPBOARD JUNGLE: SURVIVING THE INDEPENDENT FILM BUSINESS, a feature-length documentary about the ins, outs, ups and downs of making off-Hollywood movies. It’s now in the final stages of crowd-financing for completion funds, and a couple of genre heavy hitters are pitching in and offering special bonuses.

Vincenzo Natali, who helmed CUBE, SPLICE, episodes of TV’s HANNIBAL and others, is offering one-on-one career consultation as a reward at CLAPBOARD JUNGLE’s Indiegogo page, while CHILD’S PLAY and FRIGHT NIGHT filmmaker Tom Holland will sign a limited number of Chucky dolls for contributors. Directed by Justin McConnell, who brings his own experience on projects like THE COLLAPSED and the upcoming MARK OF KANE to bear here, CLAPBOARD JUNGLE is set to wrap up next spring, with release targeted for late 2016. It incorporates interviews with over 80 personalities from all sides of the film business, with an emphasis on genre folks like Natali, Holland, George A. Romero, Dick Miller, Brian Yuzna, John McNaughton, Tom Savini, Brian Trenchard-Smith, George Mihalka, Sid Haig and many more (including—full disclosure—yours truly). For more info, hit up the docu’s official website, Facebook page and Twitter.


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