Vote for “PIRANHA 3D” sequel victims!

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Dimension Films’ announcement that there would be a sequel to PIRANHA 3D came before the movie took a dive at the box office, but apparently the company is still intent on making it. And it’ll be interactive in ways that go beyond the 3-D visuals.

According to an item in today’s New York Post, there will be an on-line contest in which fans can vote on which celebrity they’d like to see devoured or otherwise dispatched in PIRANHA 3D II. This is apparently in response to favorable audience reaction to the graphic demise of Jerry O’Connell’s sleazy video-producer character (his most valued organ gets eaten in your face), whose persona is close enough to that of GIRLS GONE WILD impresario Joe Francis that Francis threatened to sic his legal piranhas on the producers. Apparently, Dimension expects lots of votes for assorted castmembers from JERSEY SHORE and the REAL HOUSEWIVES shows. Sounds like the makings of a bloody Situation! We’ll keep you posted on where you’ll be able to vote.

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