Cast and Crew talk Season Four in Extended “WALKING DEAD” Trailer

With a promise things will only get worse, the producers and cast of THE WALKING DEAD have sat down to discuss the upcoming themes and conflict they and we’ll face at the prison.

What’s probably most interesting about this latest look at THE WALKING DEAD Season Four—aside from that savage all-wheel drive on a pile of zombies—is the talk of the series’ major conflict coming from “inside.” Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth reveals the failing stability isn’t due to walkers, and isn’t due to other people. Will this run, now four seasons in, begin to explore the struggle of living what life is now? Will it simply be getting over the climactic events of Season Three?

Whatever it is, looks like Daryl is coping with some sweet new leather attire.

THE WALKING DEAD returns October 13.

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