Waxwork Reveals Release, Jay Shaw Art for “ROSEMARY’S BABY” Vinyl


There are few times when the lovely, dreamy, if still unnerving, “la la la’s” of Christopher (Krzysztof) Komeda’s ROSEMARY’S BABY score are not floating in my head. For many devotees of the Roman Polanski classic and its fantastic soundtrack, I imagine it’s the same. Now, in the midst of vinyl OST resurgence, Waxwork has revealed the details and (as usual) excellent Jay Shaw artwork for their anticipated, remastered release of the album.

Pre-orders for ROSEMARY’S BABY, which will see the first time a complete version of the score will be available on vinyl, begin December 10. Accompanying the clear 180 gram vinyl is the full package artwork, unreleased production skills and liner notes. Additionally, two limited variants will be available in the form of 500 randomly inserted “units pressed on 180 gram black and crystal clear center haze vinyl.” What’s more, the first 200 customers will acquire and even more limited variant in the form an independently colored/sided record; SIDE A features a baby blue marble and SIDE B features a deep blood red marble. “This record is a first of its kind,” the press release explains.

Inside, “LP package details include audiophile-grade virgin vinyl housed in an old style heavyweight casebound tip-on gatefold jacket with satin finish and spot UV gloss. A satin finish art print featuring an extensive essay by artist Jay Shaw will be inserted into each package.”

You can find the full tracklist below, and art (studio approved) up top. ROSEMARY’S BABY officially streets January 28, 2014.

SIDE A                                                                                SIDE B

1. Main Title                                                                    12. Scrabble

2. Furnishing the Apartment                                   13. Book About Witchcraft

3. Chanting                                                                       14. The Horrible Doctor

4. Dream                                                                            15. The Fragrance

5. Lullaby                                                                          16. The Horrible Doctor #2

6. The Pain                                                                        17. The Short Dream

7. How to Prepare a Good Steak / The Ear          18. Iron Bars / Elevator Lift / Dr. Saperstein and Syringe

8. Holiday Music                                                            19. Path to the Pit of Evil #1

9. After the Call to Hutch                                            20. Path to the Pit of Evil #2 & #3

10. Good Appetite                                                         21. What Have You Done?

11. Lullaby / Crib Sequence                                       22. End Title

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