“WE COME IN PIECES”: A Short Doc About the Short Form & Anthologies


Trapdoor Pictures, comprised of directors and producers Ryan Spindell & Ben Hethcoat have debuted WE COME IN PIECES: THE REBIRTH OF THE HORROR ANTHOLOGY FILM. Featuring input from the likes of Joe Dante, Larry Fessenden and Darin Scott, as well as Fango’s own Rebekah McKendry and horror knowledgables Brian Collins, Rob Galluzzo and Elric Kane, the swift short examines not so much the history of the anthology, but how it makes us as fans feel, and nails it in the process.

Produced as a love letter to the anthology format and in service of THE MORTUARY COLLECTION, a classically informed portmanteau film which Spindell and producers Ben Hethcoat and Zane Grant are currently Kickstarting, WE COME IN PIECES runs through just what we love about the omnibus film, calling out favorites of the medium along the way. From 1945’s groundbreaking DEAD OF NIGHT (which Dante rightfully names as having the neatest wraparound) through Amicus classic TALES FROM THE CRYPT, as well as CREEPSHOW, FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and right up to V/H/S and TRICK ‘R TREAT, a lot of segments, films and fond recollections are packed into the 12 minutes and change.  It should hit a soft spot as it did for me.

Enjoy the film below, and for more on THE MORTUARY COLLECTION, see our write-up here.

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