We see a “SHE WOLF RISING,” with Tiffany Shepis: Exclusive pics/comments, release info


Tiffany Shepis and a bevy of other indie-horror starlets and stalwarts took part in SHE WOLF RISING, a horror film with satiric overtones from writer/director Marc Leland. We’ve got full details of the release, plus exclusive pics and comments from the movie’s FX creator.

In SHE WOLF, Shepis plays B-movie actress Gina Sklar, whose attempts to track down stolen footage from her latest flick with the help of her number-one fan (Timothy Mandala) lead her into some scary situations. And she has a frightening secret: She’s a monster herself. Distributor Indie Rights, which made the film available on iTunes and Amazon last week, will next release it on Amazon Prime April 1 and DVD April 19. The cast also includes Fango fave Debbie Rochon, J. Edmund Fond, SOCIOPATHIA’s Ruby LaRocca and Nicola Fiore, Brandon Ellis, BAD BIOLOGY’s Tina Krause, TALES OF POE’s Alan Rowe Kelly and BARRICADE’s Joe Zaso; Jeremy Selenfriend of TV’s DAREDEVIL and THE BLACKLIST handled the makeup FX. “Like any low-budget shoot, it had its challenges,” Selenfriend tells us, “but all in all it was a really fun experience.”

The artist recalls that a lot of the enjoyment had to do with the cast. “Tiffany is an absolute dream to work with, and Alan is always a pleasure,” Selenfriend says. “The rest of the familiar faces were also great to be around. Alan [who plays Gina’s agent] definitely knows his way around a casting session, and knows who the fans want to see!

“For a low-budget show, I got to do some very interesting work,” he continues. “I’m especially happy with the Lillian zombie [LaRocca, 2nd photo below] since, oddly enough, I haven’t had the chance to do many zombies. You’d think they’d be all over the place, but this was the first one I had done in years. I was pleased with how it came out, and Ruby was fantastic about the whole process from start to finish.”

Zaso appears in the film as a dream demon/guardian who watches over Gina (3rd photo below). “Joe’s makeup was meant to be a very subtle, off-putting look that, when combined with the blue filters the scene was shot with and the tricks they pulled in post, make him really menacing and, at the same time, hopefully a bit ethereal,” Selenfriend explains. But his favorite SHE WOLF effect is Shepis’ own monster visage, “which is lovingly and humorously referred to as the ‘baby bird’ makeup.” See the trailer (with a bit of NSFW language) below the photos, and visit SHE WOLF’s Facebook page.





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