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I bought my first FANGO, #13, when I was nine years old, with my allowance. And like many of our staffers, it feels somewhat surreal to be sitting where I am today, on the team of the magazine that made me what I am.  When Chris Alexander asked me to come aboard as web director, I took it as both an honor and a challenge. We both agreed that the first step would be to meet with the web designer Rob Feldman and mark out a plan of attack, and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last two months, hovered over computers in opposite countries and collaborating intensely without ever even being in the same room. That’s how things are done these days, I suppose, but I sure look forward to sharing a drink with Rob once this sucker goes live!

Aside from the new look (with a great new header by artist Jay Shaw, whose Mondo posters wowed us beyond belief) we’ve got some new features, including:

-A page devoted to our new FANGORIA PRESENTS DVD/VOD line and accompanying VIDEOCRYPT monthly repertory VOD package (curated by esteemed writer/producer Zack Carlson)

-A new column by splatterpunk pioneer John Skipp called NIGHTMARE ROYALE


FANGORIA LEGENDS – a dynamic new tribute section to our horror heroes, featuring exclusive photos, archival interviews and more

-Homepage A/V players for showcasing trailers and exclusive videos and mixtape playlists

-PLUS! In a week’s time we’ll be hosting the online premiere of FANGO staffer Rebekah McKendry’s award-winning short THE DUMP, and we’ll also have some other short film treats coming your way soon.

All that said, the redesign was more about streamlining things so that we can keep the new site as intuitive as possible, both for you, the reader, and for the FANGORIA writers who are getting you your horror news.

Some notes to keep in mind as we go through this transition:

In order to maintain our archives as thoroughly as  possible, we’ve opted to have everything from January 1, 2013 move over to this new site, with everything pre-2013 still searchable via the old site, which you can reach through our menu bar. The new site will be a work in progress, so please be patient as we manually fix formatting in articles imported from the old site, properly tag and categorize articles, and work out any bugs that may pop up in the first few days.

A big thank you to web designer Robert Feldman who worked tirelessly to bring this new website to life, to Sam Zimmerman and Mike Gingold for helping to populate it,  and to Chris Alexander for letting me be the Bailey Quarters to his Andy Travis.

– Kier-La Janisse


About the author
Samuel Zimmerman
Fangoria.com Managing Editor Samuel Zimmerman has been at FANGORIA since 2009, where fresh out of the Purchase College Cinema Studies program, he began as an editorial assistant. Since, he’s honed both his writing and karaoke skills and been trusted with the responsibility of jury duty at Austin’s incredible Fantastic Fest. Zimmerman lives in and hails from The Bronx, New York where his pants are too tight and he’ll watch anything with witches.
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