When Frankenstein (almost) met Selene…


After its tepid first-weekend box office (an estimated $8.275 million and a sixth-place finish), it doesn’t look like I, FRANKENSTEIN will spawn a new franchise à la its producers’ UNDERWORLD. However, one of the creators of both series revealed to Fango that a seed was once planted for a crossover between the two.

When Fango spoke to Kevin Grevioux, who penned the original script (rewritten by director Stuart Beattie) and graphic novel of I, FRANKENSTEIN, we asked if there was any chance that its universe might be combined with that of UNDERWORLD, made by the same producers at Lakeshore Entertainment. “Well, in one of the versions I wrote,” he replied, “I added a little tag, like Marvel does, where Adam [the “monster” played by Aaron Eckhart in I, FRANKENSTEIN] met Selene [Kate Beckinsale’s vampire heroine from UNDERWORLD], and it was great. But [Lakeshore] didn’t understand it. They didn’t like that part, but to me, that made the whole thing. That would have allowed us to extend both franchises. But, you know, I’m a creator, and producers aren’t necessarily like that, you know what I’m saying? They only go with what they can understand. But still, they understood enough to make the movie.” You can see the rest of our conversation with Grevioux here.

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