Where is Joe Lynch’s “KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM”?


Nearly two years ago, director Joe Lynch arrived with cast in tow to the now legendary Hall H of San Diego Comic Con where annually, films begin to bang the drum of anticipation. Joined by actors beloved by genre fans—GAME OF THRONES’ Peter Dinklage and FIREFLY’s Summer Glau—the filmmaker presented the trailer for a picture entrenched in Live Action Role Playing, metal and monsters: KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM. After an undeniably positive response, the question remains in March 2013; where is it?

A detailed, time lined and fed up open letter has attempted to answer such a question. Badassdom.com is an anonymously-created site from a stakeholder, who alleges Wade Bradley, CEO of IndieVest and now Media Society has effectively taken KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM “hostage.” Following its Comic Con preview in July 2011, it seems Bradley forcibly removed Mark Burton (president)
and Matt Wall (writer) from their positions in the production company and has been on a roll of re-editing and financially draining resources since. The result is accusing Bradley’s new Media Society of ignoring the creatives and investors of KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, seeking additional funds, as well as planning to hold a private sales screening of a drastically recut 70-minute version of the film tomorrow, March 5th.

It seems those involved in KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM and IndieVest are attempting to wrestle control from Bradley, linking to additional reporting of misdeeds, as well as calling for IndieVest to sort themselves out and for whoever purchases the film to give it back to Joe Lynch. Hopefully this campaign is successful and the proper vision of KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, which certainly looks t deliver, is unleashed.

You can find all of the details at Badassdom.

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