Who is the “#1 SERIAL KILLER”? Find out this summer! Trailer and exclusive poster


Can there be only one? A put-upon young man thinks so when he vows to be the #1 SERIAL KILLER in a new Asian-American production. We’ve got the first word on the release, plus an exclusive first look at the poster and the trailer to show you.

Indican Pictures gave Fango the scoop that it will open #1 SERIAL KILLER June 23 in an exclusive LA theatrical engagement and on DVD and VOD. Directed by Stanley Yung from a script by Koji Steven Sakai, the movie (shot under the more confrontational title CHINK) stars Jason Tobin of BETTER LUCK TOMORROW in the title role; the supporting cast includes Eugenia Yuan from THE EYE 2 and 3 EXTREMES II, Rane Jameson, Shoshana Bush, Kenzie Dalton, and veteran actor Tzi Ma. The synopsis: “Eddy [Tobin] is sick; sick of people ignoring him, sick of being picked on, sick of being Asian. He has internalized the racism he felt his entire life until a new traumatic experience threatens to bring everything to a boil. Looking for an outlet to discharge this seething rage, feeling more and more of a kinship with his hero Ted Bundy, Eddy decides to become the greatest serial killer in history.” Visit #1 SERIAL KILLER at his official website and Facebook page.


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