Will “IT FOLLOWS” Be Followed By A Sequel?


Make no mistake: if you’ve been following 2015’s horror films, you’ve undoubtedly have been following IT FOLLOWS. The indie film-that-could from director David Robert Mitchell has gone from art-house golden ticket to mainstream success, earning nearly $10 million since it’s limited theatrical bow and wide expansion with only a $2 million production budget and an extremely limited marketing campaign. And with the film holding steady and generating buzz even at four plus weeks at the box office, the eventual talks about a sequel have arisen.

In a recent chat with Deadline, Tom Quinn, co-president of IT FOLLOWS distributor Radius-TWC, was confident about doing more with IT FOLLOWS, stating, “Already the success of IT FOLLOWS has exceeded our goals. The ultimate goal for us: We want to see another sequel.” Of course, the statement is at plain as day, and many can’t blame Radius-TWC for capitalizing on a critical and commercial hit. However, that doesn’t yet guarantee there will be one, as David Robert Mitchell has made it clear via post-screening Q&A’s and interviews that, while returning to the world of IT FOLLOWS isn’t off the table, it’s certainly not on the top of his list.

In this writer’s humble opinion, IT FOLLOWS works for many because so many of the individual elements click: Maika Monroe’s approach to her character, the intriguing visual style and the haunting score, and IT FOLLOWS definitely benefits from a theatrical experience. But in terms of the universe it sets up, and the general conceit, the risk of stretching the antagonistic forces too thin via repetition is incredibly high in an IT FOLLOWS sequel. Furthermore, if Monroe were to return, the ambiguous ending of the piece would be rendered null and void, which seems to be an artistic leap Mitchell may not want to make. In any case, IT FOLLOWS still has a Digital HD and home media run later for this year, as well as a third weekend in wide release coming up soon, and I’m sure if money talks, Radius-TWC may want to follow IT with or without Mitchell and Monroe.


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