The Full Moon cinema circus is back again, blasting out another blow out “Mystery Box” deal for those addicts looking to get their mitts on some classic horror and exploitation flick swag. The new “Mystery Box” promises to be the most packed package yet, a subscriber based initiative where fans purchase a six month subscription and in turn get six gigantic boxes of stuff sent to their doorstep.
Each box contains over $70 worth of stuff that includes piles of DVD’s, Blu-rays, copies of DELIRIUM magazine, vintage promotional material and sell sheets from the 1980’s to present, new CD’s from the Full Moon Tunes soundtrack library, T shirts and more with the first 100 subscribers getting a personalized still from Full Moon’s legendary founder Charles Band and an executive producer credit on one the 5 new Full Moon movies being released in 2015.
FANGORIA has two sample jam-packed “Mystery Boxes” to give away to a pair of lucky pundits and all you have to do to win is email chris@fangoria.com with the words IT’S A MYSTERY! in the subject line. Winners will be chosen at random.
To subscribe and learn more about the madness of the “Mystery Box” visit HERE!

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