Win a signed copy of MonsterMatt Patterson’s Cheeky “HA-HA! HORROR” Joke Book


Punishing punster Monstermatt Patterson, the Man of a Thousand Bad Monster Jokes, has a new book out! It’s called HA-HA! HORROR, written and illustrated by him, and  published by Mystery & Horror LLC.  It clocks in with over 600 jokes and 26 illustrations, tailored to the terror fan who doesn’t take him or herself terribly seriously.

In the traditions of Mad Magazine, Benny Hill, horror hosts like Zacherley, The Ghoul and others, Monstermatt brings a combination of horror knowledge and comedy to the reader. Within these dreadful pages, you’ll find jokes, puns, rhymes and lyrics to song parodies, about films like THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, FACES OF DEATH, STREET TRASH, MOTEL HELL, along with Universal Monsters and more. No cinematic cow is too sacred!

Mystery & Horror LLC has kindly provided FANGORIA with two signed copies of the book for giveaway and we sure do want to give these collections of forehead smackers away! Take our books! Please!

To win, hit chris@fangoria.com with TRY THE VEAL in the subject line. Winners will be chosen at random.

Good luck! You’ll need it!

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