Win Roger Corman’s Horror Classics Vol. 1 on DVD!


FANGORIA has a handsome stack of ROGER CORMAN’S HORROR CLASSICS VOL.1 DVD’s courtesy of Film Crest to giveaway and we want one to land on your lovely lap.

The three-disc set contains a troika of Corman’s more recognized public domain titles, all gorgeously remastered in HD. Each set includes:


Corman and Charles B. Griffith concocted this black comic masterpiece that casts the great Dick Miller as Walter Paisley (a role he would reprise and adjust many times in various Corman and Joe Dante pictures), a simpleton nebbish who’s desire to become an artist makes him the toast of the Beatnik scene. Thing is, those life-like sculptures he creates are a little too life-like. The body count rises and the grim laughs flow freer than the silver toned blood that litters the film.

DEMENTIA 13 (1963)

Some more daring film scholars call this Corman quickie out as being director Francis Ford Coppola’s best film. It’s certainly an atmospheric one of a kind work of psycho-horror, with murderous Luana Anders trapped in an Irish ancestral home and running afoul of an axe murderer and a dead child’s legacy.


Jack Nicholson stars in and even directed some of this legendary hybrid horror. Shot in and around the ruins of THE RAVEN set with Boris Karloff inserts and co-helmed by Roger, Monte Hellman and Francis Ford Coppola. Doesn’t make a lick of sense but man, is THE TERROR atmospheric. A great example of the kind of “instant movies” Roger could whip off on a moment’s notice.

To win your own copy of ROGER CORMAN’S HORROR CLASSICS VOL. 1 email chris@fangoria.com with the words ALL HAIL KING CORMAN! in the subject line.

And be sure to pick up your copy of FANGORIA #328, with our exclusive cover story interviews with both Roger and Julie Corman about their storied careers making mad, macabre movies.

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