Win Simon Boswell’s “HARDWARE” soundtrack/Blu-ray signed prize pack!

Celebrated British composer Simon Boswell has amassed an array of impressive credits in cult films of every class. One of his most striking scores, for Richard Stanley’s HARDWARE, is coming to CD, and you can win a signed copy along with a Blu-ray of the film!

From splattery Italian shockers like DEMONS 2 and STAGE FRIGHT to the hallucinatory excesses of Jodorowsky’s SANTA SANGRE to the Hitchcockian downspiral of SHALLOW GRAVE, Boswell has applied his innate ability to manipulate an emotional connection to image using sound with great success. Perhaps the man’s most celebrated achievement is his dynamic music for director Richard Stanley’s legendary 1990 sci-fi/horror chamber piece HARDWARE. Now, that amazing sonic landscape is being issued for the first time in 23 years on December 13, as a double CD: one disc being the “clean” music, and the other containing sound FX and voice samples of Iggy Pop, Lemmy and others weaving in and out of the score, plus additional unused cues and weird/cool stuff like Stanley reading the Bible! Heavy! A limited-edition (1,000 units) vinyl release will also be available; both media sport beautiful original Graham Humphreys artwork blasted across their covers.

Boswell himself alerted FANGORIA of this release—sold exclusively via his own website—and has blessed us with the ultimate prize pack of signed copies of both the double CD and Stanley’s film on Blu-ray!

Wanna win? Just e-mail chris@fangoria.com with the subject line “This is what you want, this is what you get…” along with your name and mailing address. The winner will be chosen at random. Best of luck, and be sure to keep reading FANGORIA magazine for more words with the talented Boswell, coming soon.


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Chris Alexander
Author, film critic, teacher, musician and filmmaker (not to mention failed boxer) Chris Alexander is the editor-in-chief of FANGORIA Magazine. He got his first professional break as the “Schizoid Cinephile” in the pages of Canadian horror film magazine RUE MORGUE before making the move to FANGO in 2007. His words have appeared in The Toronto Star, Metro News, Wired, Montage, The Dark Side, Tenebre and many other notable publications and he appears regularly on international television and radio.
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