Did you know that when NASA launches the deep space probe in 2014, they are sending along a clipping of Arthur C. Clarke’s hair? You have to be pretty badass for NASA to want some barber leavings. Most know Sir Arthur C. Clarke for penning multiple Sci-fi classics including the book behind Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and also my personal fave, Childhood’s End. But Brits also got to see Arthur C. Clarke as an “unexplained phenomena” TV host! For the first time on any form of Home entertainment is ARTHUR C.CLARKE: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, and the coolest part, FANGORIA has several copies of this sweet DVD collection ready to go out to some fans!

Acclaimed sci-fi author Sir Arthur C. Clarke (writer of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY), investigates the inexplicable, abnormal and mind-boggling wonders of the world in three popular, documentary series originally aired on Britain’s ITV network.

In each episode, Clarke tackles the daunting task of finding a reasonable explanation for some of the most bizarre phenomena ever known to mankind from such “mysteries of the first kind” as solar eclipses to the more inexplicable, including messages from beyond the grave, the stigmata, lost planets, UFOs and zombies … Making ARTHUR C. CLARKE: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION  a must-have for every science-fiction fan!

ArthurMidWant a copy? Email rebekah@fangoria.com with “SPACEMAN” in the subject line and include the following info:

• Your name

• Address

• Email address

• Phone

• Age

Winners will be drawn at random. The contest will remain open for 14 days. Winners must be residents of the United States and must be over the age of 18.

Good luck!

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