Women in Horror Month Debuts 2015 “Blood Drive” PSA


As some woman’s hearts turn in love in February, the genre girl’s heart yearns for the finer things: Pontiac Firebirds, ritual occult magik and buckets of Karo blood. For this year’s Woman in Horror Month Blood Drive, Twisted Twins Production have put together a short anthology featuring 9 tales of micro-terror featuring the theme of “Blood From Unexpected Places,” which you can see below.

The most deliciously vile of the blood bath comes from Patricia Chica, “Ripe N’ Bloody,” about a pumpkin carving gone wonderfully wrong. Also Jill Sixx’s “Police Brutality” features stunning black metal iconography, which is inspiring for the “witchy” among us. The final segment “Give It Up,” directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska, plays with the idea of the male gaze. Here, the blood goddesses are worshiped akin to H.G. Lewis meets Kenneth Anger’s KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDO.

Each segment is highly consistent in its production value, and varied in themes; displaying a breathe of imagination and the lurking sinister evil of each director(s). Fairer sex be damned; these woman are out to get you. As always, Women in Horror Month is a month long celebration of those in front of and behind the camera— diversity is key in all media, taking time to recognize woman and their contributions helps inspire those already in the field and our younger sisters moving up the ranks in any of their creative endeavors.

Inspired by the video? Have something sick on your mind ladies? Women in Horror Month urges you to pick up a camera and send videos to Hannah Neurotica for their year long Blood Drive PSA Film Festival and online gallery. Donate blood this month, and you can continue celebrating Woman in Horror Month here. You can see the Blood Drive PSA and the listed individual short credits below.

Title: “Felix Cumpleaños”
Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero
Luchagore Productions

Title: “Letting”
Directed by Hannah Neurotica
Bloody Bill Productions & Neurotica Media

Title: “Bloodbath”
Directed by Maude Michaud
A Quirk Films production

Title: “All Night Long”
Directed by Tamae Garateguy & Jimena Monetoliva
CRUDO FILMS in association with NAIZ FILMS

Title: “Blood Orange”
Directed by Jessica Cameron
Small Town Girl Productions in association with Diviney Pictures

Title: “Ripe N’ Bloody”
Directed by Patricia Chica

Title: “Police Brutality”
Directed by Jill Sixx
A Sixx Tape Production

Title: “Spare Some Change”
Directed by Chelsey Burdon
Final Grrrl Productions

Title: “Give It Up”
Directed by the Soska Sisters
A Twisted Twins Production in association with I No Films

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