WORLD PREMIERE: Teaser for Anthology horror TALES FROM HELL

by: FANGORIA Staff on: 2013-01-29 17:12:03

TALES FROM HELL is told in the tradition of anthology feature films done by the old British Amicus studio and more recent horror anthologies like V/H/S and THE THEATRE BIZARRE. Produced by Fango scribe and Blood in the Snow Festival Director, Kelly Michael Stewart (under his new Silver Shadows Production company) his team have put together four original horror stories told in a feature film anthology format. Hosted and starring Canadian horror stalwart Robert Nolan (SICK/FAMILIAR) as different characters in all four segments, he tells us four unique tales of horror of his ‘many lives on earth’.

“It would be like if in THE TWILIGHT ZONE the stories were actually happening to Rod Serling personally,” says Kelly Michael Stewart, “Rather than just hosting the segments, we have Robert playing a different character in each story. Much like it was done in TALES OF TERROR and Karen Black did in TRILOGY OF TERROR. It’s basically a cool way to showcase some of the great horror talent that is coming out of Canada right now.”

Each segment is directed by four up and coming Canadian horror directors; Ryan M. Andrews (SICK), Navin Ramaswaran (NARA), Gabriel Carrer (IN THE HOUSE OF FLIES) and Chad Archibald (NEVERLOST). “This was the logically next step for horror cinema in Canada putting together this dream team of amazing new talent”, continues Kelly.

TALES FROM HELL should be going to camera later this year with a 2014 release in theatres.

You can find out more information on Facebook  (http://www.facebook.com/TalesFromHell)

and Twitter (https://twitter.com/tales_hell_film ) for all the latest developments.


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