Zombie Activists Attack in First Scene from BBC’s “IN THE FLESH” Season Two


BBC America’s IN THE FLESH has, alongside French series THE RETURNED, garnered acclaim for being one of the more novel pieces of undead fiction in the current, oversaturated climate. The series’ first season took an interesting look at a post-zombie apocalypse in which those transformed were being rehabilitated and assimilating back into society, with plenty of social commentary-informed bumps along the way. Season Two premieres this month and opens with an attack by the Undead Liberation Army and marks the first instance in which I ever took something like the term “zombie terrorists” seriously.

In the second series of IN THE FLESH, “PDS terrorists linked to the Undead Liberation Army (ULA), believing they are ‘the redeemed’, are going rabid (zombie state) off the drug Blue Oblivion, and attacking the Living at an alarming rate – causing the radical Pro-Living political party, Victus, to target the Undead with vigor and oppressive measures.  Seen through the eyes of Undead PDS sufferer, Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), IN THE FLESH shines a light on what humanity and community really mean in a post-zombie world.  Does fear excuse bigotry, hatred and discrimination against others?  How do you thrive as a citizen in the face of oppression?  And can you ever find love, if you don’t love yourself for who and more importantly what you really are.  These themes and more are raised in this thought-provoking drama, that isn’t afraid to humanize the zombie experience.”

IN THE FLESH premieres Saturday, May 10 on BBC AMERICA after the fantastic ORPHAN BLACK. It will also begin streaming online at BBC America this May 2. For more, see our review of Series One right here.

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