Zulawski, Cozzi and Fango Editor Chris Alexander to Screen Films at Italian Horror Fest in Rome; Argento, Frizzi and Lenzi to Appear


FANGORIA will be a presence this year at the 2014 ITALIAN HORROR FEST in Nettuno, a seaside town in Rome. Like he did last year, Fango’s Italian correspondent Roberto D’Onofrio is reporting from the front lines of the fest – which runs from August 4-9th – as well as hosting several key Q&A’s. This year, festival highlights include the presence of legendary polish filmmaker Andrzej Żulawski as their international guest of honor, along with Italian horror and fantasy hero Luigi Cozzi and Fango editor Chris Alexander, who will screen his new film and perform some of his own music live.

Cozzi will be celebrated with a complete career retrospective, spotlighting such gems as CONTAMINATION, STARCRASH and HERCULES, and will appear to discuss each screening. Zulawski will host a very special screening of his brain-melting cult classic POSSESSION and meet his fans to discuss cinema, his own and otherwise. Italian horror legends Dario Argento and Umberto Lenzi are also set to attend.

Alexander will co-host the opening press conference with Cozzi on behalf of FANGORIA and later, screen his latest surrealist experimental vampire yarn QUEEN OF BLOOD, in what will be its European premiere. Alexander will also perform a short set of his own electronic music live before the show.

More IHF films and premieres are to be announced in the next few weeks. See the official Italian Horror Fest site for more details and, if and when in Rome, make sure you drop by the fest! Ciao!

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